hello hanyoootak dia haha hello mello i just got home from stadium! phewwwww i wasnt as fit as i used to aaaa this is so sad! the sport feast is just around the corner and i dont think that my body is fully ready for the feast... mhhhmm so what i did just now was jogging 10 laps, and then do some fitness stuff; pyramid alaaa why should i cerita benda ni detail gilaaaa like no one cares bitchhh haha wtv im going to bagitau juga i dont care lol i dah macam psychopath gila haha wtv so yeah selection just now was not okay. its totally not okay. i should expect the unexpected! gilaaaa la dalam group whatsapp everyone was like yeayyy im so fucking ready to jog, to join the selection but tup tup pong pang cerita je lebih. girls tak sampai 5 orang kot. thank god guys bagi commitment but still, how are we gonna win this fest kalau not that much pun yang participate!!! this is my last semester (aminnn) and i am hoping that these few months left will be the greatest months evaaaa but na-ah-ah daydreaminggggg. wtv ohhh tadi jog, i bumped into my long lost friend which i dont remember what is his name but yeah, we smiled, awkwardly towards each other and act like nothing happened haha i can see hes blushingggg wtv i got no time to be nice with you again, mister. no more chance haha apa benda la at first cakap pasal how the selection going, now terbabas ke mamat tah apapa nama tah haha yasmine youre so sakai. sakai go dai. aaaa arami got assignments to do tonight and i obviously all alone okay what should i do? ohhh i should freshen up first then only i think what should i do while baby busy with his stuff. nevermind. mom once said "in order to let people think youre the best, the one who suit them, you have to think about goods in you first then only you can be the best for others" entah lah i cant even remember the right words but macamtu la lebih kurang okayyyy imma gonna freshen uppppp. till the next post xo