I dont know. I imagined a lot of things nowadays. Imagination that always make my heart skips a beat. Family I do want to have a family. A joyful one. One that when i wake up, the first thing i will see if my guardian's face. His morning face. His i-dont-want-to-wake-up-cause-its-too-early face. Wake up with his arms rapping my body tightly. His morning smiles. His morning kiss. Forehead kiss to be exact. And i want to make breakfast for my family. Dress up like i wanna meet my enemy, pretty and natural. Wake my kids up, cuddling and show them how much i love them. Chase them to bathroom. Check up either my husband still laying or he's already dressed up for breakfast time. Going down, turn on some sweet and old school songs, prepare the foods, ohh absolutely its gonna be red beans, sausages, nuggets, cereals, hot choc, hot milk and orange juice. I just wanna make my family proud for having a very lovely mom and ofc, a lovely cheesy wife. I wanna do laundry, go to groceries; let my kids find their fav chocs, hubby who pulling the troley and walk besides me with patient. When im at home; i wanna paint with my kids, doing house chores, play instruments together, have a discussion and heart to heart talk when one of them feeling so down. Hold them tight and be there for them no matter how hard it'll be. Neat up my hubby's tie, hair before he left for work, flirty around infront of my kids. Ahh too much to be told here.. Thats a few things about my imagination about family. My future family. InshaAllah. That day will come