Dear future love

Dear future, You could crush me. You could break my heart into pieces. You know why? Cause you mean a world to me. Before, i wish i will never awake cause my dream is so much better than reality. Not until you showed up. Finally, my reality is way so much better than my dream. Dear future, I cant promise you a happy life. I cant promise you that i'll cherish your day cause i am gonna hurt you, either small or big damn matters, im gonna hurt you. But what i can promise, i'll be here when no one seems available. Im gonna be the strength that pull you up whenever you're falling apart. Im gonna wipe away the tears and the sorrow and definitely gonna crave smiles on your face when you actually believed theres no reason for you to be happy again. Dear future, I am reckless. I am rude. I am rough. I am stubborn. I am the type yang tak makan saman. I am jealousy-so-much type of girlfriend l. I am. I admit it. Its just because of one reason, youre too precious to be loose and i am afraid of losing you cause you mean everything to me. I gave you the key of my heart. Keep it safely. I do believe youre not gonna let me down. Prove to me that youre worth it. Worth my love. Worth my smiles. Worth my cares. Baby, we gonna fight and hold my hands tightly cause our journey might be tougher than what we have been through before. When you needing your space, im here baby. Im here, i'll be here patiently wait. Dear future, Even if the skies get rough, i wont give up on us. Even if the stars didnt show up, i still gonna light up your nights I love you. Infinity and beyond. InshaAllah