"You need a little calm & I need a little crazy."

It's you. But, I never really thought it would be you. From day one, it was the two of us cracking jokes & coming at each other. You didn't like my outfit & I didn't like your attitude... so we were even. You've seen me at my worst- and on rare occasions.. at my best. You've seen me laughing and singing to Justin Bieber and you've also seen me crying over roti jala. Somehow, this did not stop you from being the best end to my 2015 & the best start to my 2016. I am so happy that your corny self asked me to be in a relationship with you face to face. Although it hasn't been long at all, It's hard to picture myself without you. You treat me like I am the best thing in the world. You make me feel like every day is worth living. You make little things exciting. Best of all, you put my anxiety at ease. So thank you. Thank you for being there when I'm happy, sad, pissed off, or somewhere in between. Thank you for understanding that some days I'm not leaving my house due to a stomach ache. Thank you for letting me sleep all day (even though I shouldn't be) Thank you for letting me scream when I'm having anxiety. Thank you for giving me a chance even though I'm 19. Thank you for understanding I need time with my girlfriends. Thank you for letting me mess you up in pool. Thank you for making me food when I'm hungry. Thank you for not tickling me although I know you want to. Thank you for adjusting my park job so your neighbor doesn't get mad. Thank you for repeating yourself when I say "what?" a million times, Thank you for encouraging me to do good in school. Thank you for talking me out of dropping out. Thank you for helping my mom shovel. Thank you for offering to drive me to work in the snow. Thank you for my sing-along partner. Thank you for answering me every time I say "papppaaaa" Thank you for laughing at old man jokes Thank you for wanting to be in every aspect of my life. Thank you for being so incredibly you.