Cause I'm a mess and you know that I can't help it. We're killing time just a little bit faster and I swear we'll make it..I can't tell you what I don't know and i just hope that you can be mine tonight.. The simple things, they make my heart go but I can't tell you what I don't know and you gotta do is wait. baby when im not around, stay safe, stay strong and let me know that you'll be here while I am gone because I'm coming home and let's get this right. You said it hurts and you know that I believe you and i do searching every little thing to find a way to tell your heart just to wait a little longer cause baby, I swear we'll make it..One more night and we'll go spinning around the room.It starts with our hearts on fire cause every song is ours tonight and if you love me so I'm gonna tell the world that, That it's greatest thing that happened to me cause I finally found a good reason to come home i miss you x